Flood Extraction - Flood Removal San Bruno

Flood damage usually refers to the water standing in your indoor structure and can be much more destructive than you think. As soon as you discover a flood in your home or office call us immediately so we can remove it as quickly as possible. We are available 24/7 ready to assist you with all your flood damage requests.   

Listed below are some dos and don'ts when a flood has occurred on your property:
•Stay cool and calm
•Do not roam around or play with the standing water, it can be contaminated
•Switch off the main connections of water such as electricity and gas
•The floor where water is standing can be slippery and you can harm yourself, so avoid walking there
•Do not operate any electrical appliance or machinery
•Try to move the light weight furniture and carpets to a dry place

Once we reach the site, we will quickly start the process from rapid evaluation and documentation. Carpets, furniture, electrical appliances and other items will be moved to a dry and secure place after the evaluation takes place. Then we’ll focus on water extraction and structural drying, which are the most important parts of flood damage restoration. We use moisture meters and humidity meters to check the levels; as well as air scrubbers, air movers, dryers, sump pumps and dehumidifiers to completely dry the structure.   

After proper drying, we’ll deodorize the area, perform sanitation and then decontaminate the area while securing the unaffected area from cross-contamination. Finally, we inspect the area for mold growth; if by any chance mold exists, we’ll remediate it right away.

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Within one hour, the specialists at Water Damage San Bruno arrived to my damaged property. They worked well into the evening removing water from the unit and setting up drying equipment. I highly recommend this company to anyone who might be in need of any type of restoration service.
-Sarah N.