Water Damage Restoration Services San Bruno

Water Damage is one of those few things that a property owner or occupant find the most difficult to deal with. Water flows easily wherever it finds a way; for instance, if the damage starts from your room or lobby and is not addressed in a timely manner, it can easily move to your basement or other lower surfaces in the building. It affects every single item that comes in its way including your furniture, upholsteries, rugs, carpets, padding, wooden flooring and closets. You can retain the maximum assets undamaged if the restoration process starts within the first 24 hours and carried out by professionals in an effective manner.

Water Damage San Bruno is known as the premier water damage restoration company in California and we serve our clients 24/7 all throughout the year. We offer an unparallel response time of 45 minutes or less. Our company is aware of the importance of time after water damage and we strive to start the restoration as early as possible.

Once we reach the site, we’ll start the process from proper evaluation of your damage. After evaluating, we’ll make an inventory list of damaged and undamaged items and hand over a copy to you. This will be useful at the time of final billing and insurance claim.

After proper assessment and documentation, we will:
•Move the furniture to a dryer place.
•Remove the carpets, upholsteries, padding and other items.
•Dispose or restore them as per their condition.
•Remove the water and dry-out the area.
•Neutralize the odor and remove the stains.
•Sanitize and decontaminate the area.
•Check for mold growth and remediate it.
•Bill your insurance companies and handle the paper work for your insurance claim settlement.

We’ll stand by your side throughout the damage restoration. We are committed and feel responsible to give your property a new look after such tragedies have occurred. In most cases, we have gone beyond the client’s expectation and made the property even better than how it was before the damage took place. We value our clients and their satisfaction more than our own business profit. That’s why we have kept our pricing as low as possible compared to our competitors in the industry.

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Within one hour, the specialists at Water Damage San Bruno arrived to my damaged property. They worked well into the evening removing water from the unit and setting up drying equipment. I highly recommend this company to anyone who might be in need of any type of restoration service.
-Sarah N.